Digital Handheld Infrared Baby & Adult + Measuring Surface Thermometer

Digital Handheld Infrared Baby & Adult + Measuring Surface Thermometer

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The easiest and safest way to take your child's temperature

✔ Safe for babies and adults

✔ Hygienic (No contact, no bodily fluids)

✔ Extremely Accurate (+/- 0.1 Celsius or Farenheit accuracy)

✔ Automatic Fever Indicator

✔ Can be used to measure other objects such as food, bathwater, drinking water etc.

As parents ourselves, we know that taking our baby/toddler's temperature can be a frustrating task.

A lot of times they fidget and won't hold still for traditional thermometers, making it really difficult to get an accurate reading. At other times, they're asleep and the only way for us to take their temperature is to wake them up and good gosh who wants to do that?!

The good news is, we are introducing a MUCH better way of taking your baby's temperature not just more easily, but in a much more hygienic matter (no contact with bodily fluids).

Accurate and Fast

This thermometer uses infrared technology and in less than 1 second will take a temperature reading of within +/- 0.1 Celsius/Farenheit. All this without having to make any contact at all, as the reading can be taken from 5-15 cm (2-6 inches) away!

Automatic Fever Indicator

Built in LED light sensors will automatically trigger either Green (normal temp), Orange (danger zone) or Red (fever) to let you know the results, so you can act accordingly. Simply point the thermometer at your baby's forehead and click!

Measure Any Temperature

This thermometer can also be used to measure other temperatures from objects, such as food, soups, bathwater, drinking water, etc. There is no better way to make sure that nothing is too hot or too cold for your baby.




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